create a lasting impression.

impression1 is the freelance communication consultancy and online portfolio of Andrew Kaszowski

The magic of first impressions.

The way we present ourself, and anything with our name on it, is ultimately a part of who we are –
because that element is what’s left behind after we leave. It’s the part of us that is kept.

First impressions set the foundation for lasting presence.

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My goal is to help you create the best impression possible.

It’s centred around the synergy of “Communication and Design.” Through a strong background in communication and writing, along with a keen knowledge of design principles, the best results are formed. It is never one without the other; rather the synergy of both elements to develop the most appropriate, effective and meaningful message – one that lasts.

Thanks very much for stopping by impression1, and I invite you to learn a little more about what Creating a Lasting Impression means by browsing through my portfolio. Enjoy!


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