A reflection on men’s mental health: we aren’t in this alone
June 20th, 2020

Happy first day of summer… and happy almost Father’s Day to all the fathers.

I hope you’re having a wonderful relaxing Saturday. I’d like to recommend this article below to all the guys I’m connected to – this is a very important read about our mental health.

June is recognized as Men’s Mental Health Month. I’ve written a lot in the past about my own journey with mental health (read about my journey of recovery in mental health here)

The thing is, I am far from alone. In reading this article below, I really related… about how the growing-up-becoming-a-man journey can easily lead many of us guys to over exuberance of trying to *achieve* in life: of gaining status, showing success, and being any measure of well-off. The thing is this race to achieve is usually self-internalized: ask any of our closest people and they’ll see us as awesome; internally, we’re always striving for more.

And unchecked, this constant *drive* can spiral our minds into dangerous places. It did for me. I crashed.

But I rebounded… through a lot of help. The crux of this article below is that *we aren’t alone in this*

“We feel terminally unique in our anguish—like we’re the only freak experiencing these things.”

“In reality, it’s the opposite. Nearly every man I came across over the last five years in group therapy was facing the same stress, anxiety, depression and insecurities as me. Sure, all our problems looked different on paper, but at the core, it was the same story. Didn’t matter if we were black, brown, white, gay, straight, bi, trans. It was the same grief, and the same guilt and shame that come from a lifetime of swallowed feelings.”

Whether we open up publicly about our struggles or acquire the support we need in private, it doesn’t matter: acknowledging our need for help, reaching for it… that’s triumphant.

I hope this article, and this sharing, inspires all of us a bit further: we aren’t in this alone!

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