Andrew gets a little poetic in these increasingly isolated dark times
March 24th, 2020

Today’s journal reflection:

What a very very poignant time of human history we are living through. Canoeing again after this will be a very reflective experience when we gather around the fire again. I look forward to cottaging and camping and travelling again soon – although I do hope that when we get the chance to do that again, that it’s in a world that’s a bit different. As I think about sitting beside my friends and family again watching sparks rise from a warm fire, I reflect right now with my own rising sparks of hope for our world.

I hope our world experiences positive lasting changes as a result of this harrowing time. We need to adjust our economic model and social disparity and the way we havnt shifted from polluting consumption. And our healthcare system is in desperate need of lots more investment. It’s a shift of our world I hope.

I also hope the devastation won’t be too dramatic; but I can only imagine what healthcare workers and people around the world are experiencing.

The change currently to my daily life is fine. I am privileged to have stable employment and to be able to continue working from home. I’m adjusting to a completely empty calendar: it’s a little boring but I am adjusting and just appreciating the quiet peacefulness of not having very much to do but keep in touch with people and do some work and watch this pandemic unfold.

I reflected yesterday that though we are all forced apart right now, in some way our world feels a little more connected this week than ever. And maybe that feeling is the cord that connects us as humans. That cord, maybe, is the very meaning of what it is to be human.

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