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Dr. Seuss?

Posted on March 3, 2021
These images are stolen from a wonderful and tremendously inspiring friend’s Facebook story feed tonight. (One thing that has deeply helped me check a lot of blind spots since BLM first entered my consciousness a few years ago when they stopped the Toronto Pride parade and I was like hmmm what is happening and is this a good thing and are “they” going too far?… the thing I started really noticing this last year+ is


Posted on March 2, 2021
I know I’m just digging up old internet hilarity many days later, but I’m still cracking up over this disaster. I am not ultra hip with the memes and trends, but I’m re-posting in case anyone has missed the obvious joke opportunity of “star mangled banner”


Posted on March 2, 2021
You really really need to read about Bruce and the team at Ottawa Public Health. Aside from being a social media best practice and really funny too, there’s some gold words about organizational and communication team leadership. Bravo! Good job, Bruce: The guy behind North America’s top public health Twitter account


Posted on March 1, 2021
It’s March again???(was corrected moments ago that it wasn’t still) Sigh…Good night. March 2 tomorrow…
I’m sorry y’all but I am completely losing my patience about this all! You travelled during COVID? Even if it was for some actual need or something (you probably still shouldn’t have, no matter what! Travelling isn’t needed now at all, no matter what… you can figure out the world without travel!)… even if you did travel you have absolutely absolutely absolutely NOT earned any right to complain about mandatory quarantine. Suck it up. You’re
Today Oxford County Library posted virtual footage of a beautiful Drag Queen Storytime to its Facebook page. The views have been huge, the comments appreciative from parents and kids in the community. Check it out (it’s so much fun!) Of course, sadly, the library has had to remove comments that have broken acceptable community guidelines. In 2021, that something as beautiful as friendly diverse people reading lovely stories to kids is still “edgy” just

Really growing fond of winter

Posted on February 26, 2021
I feel like I have the most incredibly useful set of good friends in the world. (Goes skiing for first time in two or three years, has personal Ski Patrol support at all times!) You know, I think I’m really coming to like this coldest season! Nice to enjoy the beauty of such a gorgeous sunny day! Groomed snow conditions were amazing too! Bravo Boler Mountain

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