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“Lockdown 2: The Lockening”

Posted on January 12, 2021
Some people be like: this sucks, why don’t we have an Ontario curfew like Quebec? Police need to crack down! Save lives! Consider this: really good perspective from CBC News citing that Ontario’s approach with the lockdown is much more appropriate than Quebec’s curfew. What’s been under-reported is how Quebec and other countries (France, who took the same approach) haven’t really had any success statistics through curfews in reducing COVID numbers… but the one thing

A date which will live in infamy

Posted on January 7, 2021
“a date which will live in infamy”~Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dec. 8, 1941the day after the attack on Pearl Harbour Someone I follow on Facebook posted on Sept 11, 2020 this powerful reflection: On Sept 11, 2001, I was a senior in high school. I remember watching the plumes of smoke leaving the Twin Towers and thinking, if America dropped the bomb and put people in internment camps for Pearl Harbor, what would America do to
In 2016, Pride Men’s Chorus London came together on stage for the first time ever to show love and support for the community after the horrific events in Pulse in Orlando. The first song we performed during that vigil was the 1969 hit from The Hollies: “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”. This year, some of our choir members decided to take on a different challenge and perform the same song from our first concert
My year-wrap reflective video post. Enjoy. Peace, love and the very best wishes that the strength we’ve fortified in ourselves this year will serve us well into 2021 and contribute to a huge uplift of taking care of each other and our world as a whole. Happy New Year!

Sure On This Shining Night

Posted on December 25, 2020
This is my absolute favourite holiday song for its resplendent peacefulness yet honest sad emotions as well… perfectly fitting for a listen as Christmas 2020 reaches its fading hours. “Sure on this shining nightOf starmade shadows round,Kindness must watch for meThis side the ground.The late year lies down the north.All is healed, all is health.High summer holds the earth.Hearts all whole.Sure on this shining nightI weep for wonderWandering far aloneOf shadows on the stars.” Pride
Though the fates won’t allow us to be together this Christmas, I wanted to share a heartfelt gift to all of you. My very best wishes to you and yours for this holiday and a safe and healthy New Year. [advisory: major cheesiness overload in this video]
A year of extremely hard work by the team at Fanshawe Centre for Research & Innovation is reflected in my latest communication work – our first quarterly update newsletter, called “Innovation Interval.” I sent out the publication to our stakeholder audience to mark our holiday outreach, highlight the year of accomplishments and inform our partners of the vision for 2021. It’s an important piece of communication as the centre’s mission has evolved dramatically in the

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