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What can one square foot mean to someone who needs supports? At Daya Counselling Centre, One Square Foot can make all the difference in someone’s healing. As the centre, which provides free or low-cost counselling services to those who might not be able to access the support they need, is moving to a new space – One Square Foot represents new possibilities to help more clients. And to fund the move to this new space,
Belonging to Pride Men’s Chorus London is one of the best parts of my life. Why? Well, I can’t explain in 1000 words what these photos can convey. These were captured by David Hiebert at our latest concert on Dec. 1 (click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image)
The song that brought people to their feet! Here’s Alexandra Kane’s stunning solo performance of Hairspray’s “I Know Where I’ve Been” that soared at the conclusion of Pride Men’s Chorus London’s STAND! concert Enjoy! Words & Music: Marc Shaiman & Scott Witman Arranged: Rod Culham
two pencils
Last night I read a brilliant article about how to improve your writing. BUT – before I dive into the secrets to better writing, let me share two sentences from the article that were mind-blowing to me: We almost only communicate in written form these days! AND THEREFORE Writing is the most important skill in today’s attention economy. Let those last two words sink in: attention economy. THAT summed up a deep realization of

Oh no!!!

Posted on November 20, 2019

Omg… day 3 at new job and major disaster!!! To save money & environment I bought some compostable keurig pods… why is the word decaf so subtle???!!! epicfail

Day 1 as a Fanshawe College team member

Posted on November 18, 2019

All in, ready to learn and hit the ground running mining for great stories to share! Day 1 at Fanshawe College off to a terrific start! And look at the peaceful view from my desk! A window!!
That one time I starred in a straight romantic comedy… If only every date was this cinematic 😛 (thank you Ashley Plant for the lovely companionship as Jason Plant shot this beautiful test reel! What fun!) Haha! video credit: Jason Plant

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