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I highly doubt you haven’t heard any news about Myanmar this year… At least 89 dead as Myanmar soldiers fire on protesters in deadliest day since February coup— BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) March 27, 2021 A military coup has taken over the whole country. The army is in control and it’s killing lots of protesters. AGAIN. This is a rinse and repeat cycle back and forth forever. THAT POOR COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE! That

I didn’t do it

Posted on March 27, 2021
Not my fault
What do you wish you could tell your 12 or 17 or 21 or whatever age self? “One day soon, there will be an Instagram account called gaymenlondonontario and they will put up a picture of you and you’ll feel like a superstar” #hangintherebaby #itgetsbetter #doesitever #absolutelyyes #thisisme #ldnont #unapologeticallyme #gayman #scruffygay #instagay #gonnabeawesome #lovewins #lovefirst #lgbtq Photo by (who else, honestly?! No one makes me look better)

Every day is a beautiful day for music

Posted on March 20, 2021
Andrew makes a rare video appearance. Some stories are simply too beautiful to write… this one is a narration of what happened 🙂 Sometimes the best stories happen out of the blue… on the first day of spring, no less. Better days are ahead! (*factual error: March 20 is the first day of Spring in 2021 much to my surprise – I was excited for tomorrow!) learn more about how you can access or support
It might take a while… a few years – a decade – a lifetime – a few generations – a revolution – countless protests – bloodshed – centuries – the relocation of humanity to Mars – the end of life on Mars – the end of humanity… It might take forever and ever and ever… But hate will never win. EVER. So don’t you dare give up, okay? Never give in to hate, and no
Content warning: The following post is about “the Roman Catholic Church” as a business industrial belief-for-profit loyalty system… not an attack on belief. I’m deviating pretty darn far from impression1 as a communications agency. But, is it not a higher purpose in communication to communicate helping the world in a tiny little way? That’s what I’m here for too (maybe more than anything else). I know I’d never use my communication power for evil –

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