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That one time I starred in a straight romantic comedy… If only every date was this cinematic 😛 (thank you Ashley Plant for the lovely companionship as Jason Plant shot this beautiful test reel! What fun!) Haha! video credit: Jason Plant

A new window of opportunity opens

Posted on November 16, 2019

One door closes, a new door opens: I am very excited to share that the ink of my journey’s story is a little more italic, a little more defined, and a page is turning on Monday… I will be starting a four month project with Fanshawe College as their Outreach and Events Coordinator for the Centre for Research and Innovation! My role will be to boldly share the story of the incredible research activities taking
There’s a very good reason why I’ve gravitated to producing theatre in recent years… This is proof that choreography is NOT my strength… Producing is so incredibly rewarding to me, personally. To get immersed in so many facets of a theatre show, from the concept to building and motivating the whole team, to publicity, to budget management, to project management and logistics: it’s thrilling to watch it all come together. And most importantly, it’s vital

The gift of pause

Posted on November 9, 2019

Although I am increasing experiencing the effects of hereditary hearing loss, there are profound experiences that make me so glad for the gift of beautiful sounds… music like that produced by London Pro Musica Choir as I had the joy of hearing tonight. All of my dear friends and everyone singing in this choir, sincerest bravo! I was blown away and immersed in a beautiful bliss! Congratulations are very much due for the conductor, Markus
One more before I go: Check out the final video project I completed before wrapping-up my work with connecting South West Ontario. I feel so proud to have worked for an organization that made a significant impact on the provision of positive patient experiences in healthcare through leveraging technology. In this video, the Street Level Women at Risk program at London InterCommunity Health Centre describes how access to ClinicalConnect supports positive patient experiences.

Joseph is good wine

Posted on November 6, 2019

Joseph casting deliberations until late in the night, fueled with only the finest of wines! Auditions are complete and my goodness did we ever see our #ldnont community’s breadth of talent. It’s been breathtaking and makes me beyond excited to select our cast with our super-strong creative team’s leadership… stay tuned! #mtpjoseph #anydreamwilldo #gogogojoseph

Happy Halloween

Posted on October 31, 2019

I once had a little too much fun when I had laryngitis! Happy Halloween!!! Listen with volume up

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