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“HOW CAN I CHANGE THINGS?” If you haven’t seen BodyBreak’s Hal Johnson’s powerful testimony of the racism he met when trying to launch his career as a sports reporter please have a watch – it gave me goosebumps. What stands out is not only the honesty, but the empowering continued optimism for change that one can do themselves… it’s a message that uplifts the groundswell to do something – we have this power! “I spent
This isn’t a post about taking advantage of this harrowing (hah, that’s a word that I prefer to “unprecedented”) situation or being cavalier to the crisis we’re going through… Rather, it’s a post about strategy and proactive planning and how it can lead to favorable long-term results, and even some growth. This is the story about how I grew my freelance business during COVID-19! *** You might not know this, but in addition to my

Posted on June 14, 2020

Today on my bike ride, I rode past an elementary school proudly flying the pride flag this month. It made me swell with happiness to see this, and to think of the impact that this has on youth who are finding and discovering who they are – for LGBTQ+ kids to grow up in an environment where the support of who they are inside isn’t something they have to doubt… I can only imagine (not
If you have 12 minutes, this interview is well worth the listen. It’s absolutely fascinating to hear from our leading principal investigator about the Fanshawe scientific research team’s work on COVID-19 treatment discoveries. Dr. Abdulla Mahboob speaks with AM980’s Mike Stubbs about Fanshawe’s work on COVID-19 treatment research

JOSEPH choreography practice via Zoom

Posted on June 7, 2020

Harder than it looks to coordinate over isolated videos!
Sound on… hear the gorgeous voice of George McLeary (Joseph in my upcoming production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) proclaiming in song: “let us march on ‘till victory is won!” Thousands gathered in #ldnont against racism, police brutality and to shout loudly our support always for Black Lives Matter!#blacklivesmatter

What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?

Posted on June 4, 2020

Honesty time: right now I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by things… but this post isn’t about me… what’s going on isn’t about me at all and I feel selfish even for saying I feel overwhelmed… Reading news of trump retweeting a letter that called peaceful protestors who were horrifically attacked and pushed back in D.C. for his arrogant and sacrilegious and flagrantly disrespectful “photo-op with the bible” terrorists… terrorist they were called!!!!… has pushed me to

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