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End of August parting shots

Posted on August 31, 2020
A few photos from yesterday and today! What a gorgeous time of year!
“The Music Sommelier” is here with some solid Friday tunes to carry you into the weekend. These are my top-5 discoveries of the week: Bad To Myself – Greyson ChanceApple MusicSpotifyLighting Fields – The Killers (ft. k.d. lang)Apple MusicSpotifySay Something – Kylie MinogueApple MusicSpotifyComme Des Garcons (Like the Boys) – Rina SawayamaApple MusicSpotifySave a Kiss – Jessie Ware > also my album of the week!Apple MusicSpotify
I’m beyond proud to help support, in my small way through communications, the incredible minds at Fanshawe College’s Centre for Research & Innovation. This update about our #covid19 research activity is so very inspiring. ***** Researchers at Fanshawe College are studying ways to stop the coronavirus’s spread in the body and reduce its inflammatory response – findings that could translate into an effective treatment for COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. Read this exciting
The handcuffs in this blog post’s image aren’t, for me, symbolic of anger at the external forces that held back my rite of passage of coming out. Yes, there were myriad forces at play that were handcuffing as I grew up [my own upbringing, as liberal and progressive and wonderful as it was through the credit of my awesome parents, was still one that was tinged with deeply religious culture, education and societal influence]… But,
In celebration of the 15th anniversary of Fanshawe College’s Centre for Research & Innovation, I produced an annual report of the department’s accomplishments and groundbreaking initiatives. To successfully present the work to a wide stakeholder audience during the COVID-19 pandemic when most everyone was working remotely, I produced the report as a digital Microsoft Sway presentation. In less than three days, already more than 150 people have viewed the digital report – we’re on track
What is the “fourth wave” of the pandemic? It’s the long-lasting mental, addiction and related fallout of the profound human implications of this pandemic. Let’s all be aware of the toll this is having on each of us, on each other, and our greater community and work diligently to fortify our defenses, nurture our wellness and pour out kindness and support to everyone around us.
Lengthy/deep post alert – read/save for when you’re ready to dive in. *****PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE I’M ABOUT TO SHARE when you have some free time, you won’t regret reading it if you know me well and are committed to supporting and understanding the journey that LGBTQ2+ people like me, and those who love and support them (like you), have gone/are going through every day. **** This article is a real story about the everlasting

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