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24 hours have gone by since the crashing of Drag Queen Storytime in suburban Ottawa, and I have further thoughts to write about. Not about the conflict we witnessed itself or analysis on the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights in our world today (I believe there is absolutely no debate any more… we all deserve the right to be our authentic selves. Full stop.) Rather I have something to say about conflict in general terms, and Ottawa police officers were called to the Westcliffe Community Center on Saturday.PHOTO: RADIO-CANADA “In the name of God”, a group of protesters stopped Saturday a storytelling event by a drag queen in Ottawa. The president of Pride in the capital denounces this incident, which he describes as “aberrant”. About 100 parents and children attended the Westcliffe Community Center for storytelling by Adrianna Exposée, a local drag queen. According to the organizer, Jean-Phillippe Pelchat, the goal was
I have a lot to say right now. But I can’t write much… there’s just too much to think and say and rage about this… This morning Ottawa’s mayor officially came out as gay – yay.London, Ontario had no protesters at its pride festival this year. But we can’t take any of our gains for granted. I came frighteningly close to neo-nazis at Detroit Pride.And today as my incredible friend took his 4-year-old son to
In hindsight, not coming out sooner was a big mistake.Ottawa mayor Jim Watson I just happen to be in Ottawa this morning visiting this wonderful city with some of my dearest friends, and the very first thing I heard this morning from my friends was “Wow, our mayor came out.” Mayor Jim Watson: After 40 years, I'm opening the closet door Ottawa Citizen Isn’t that wonderful?! Reading his eloquently written coming out story about how he came

Pride London Festival 2019 highlight reel

Posted on August 15, 2019

Check out the highlight reel I put together of the magic of Pride London Festival 2019 with Pride Men’s Chorus London, featuring footage from my friends Jason Plant, Fort Papilia and David Hiebert.
I’ve been an IABC member for 14 years, uninterruptedly through some major life and career transitions. Why? Why have I kept my membership intact non-stop since my final year of university at Guelph-Humber when I first learned about the professional organization? I am an IABC member and always will be! To say that I have benefited from IABC membership, networking and community would be selling it short. Sure, I have benefited – my very first

That’s what friends are for

Posted on August 10, 2019

When I was very very young, my fairy godmother and my uncle got married. I don’t exactly know what possessed me to do this; but I went up to the microphone unannounced at their reception party and sang the lines that I knew of Dionne Warwick’s hit “That’s What Friends Are For.” ******** Flash forward to last night… gathered around the piano at the Pride Men’s Chorus summer party Isn’t it amazing how life can

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