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Today, Canada votes! And I’m super excited to be playing a part in London’s coverage of the election… I’ll be part of a social media team supporting London’s /A\ News, tonight. Tonight during the election coverage, /A\ News will be incorporating social media into broadcast. Several London social media experts and I are part of the team that’ll be at the Covent Garden Market studio all night monitoring and reflecting the collective consciousness of the
A year ago, I had a sudden realization – within my extended circle of friends and family, I know about 15 people who have or had been fighting brain tumours. I was shocked to discover this scope of impact from the disease; but I knew that it wasn’t all that unusual for me to know so many people affected. More than 10,000 Canadians are diagnosed every year. Almost everyone knows someone who is fighting a
Communication reaches its fullest potential when it does something good for people and humanity… particularly when the act of communication itself helps that good act do even more good. That was the case with a project that touched me, my friends and my city very profoundly – a project that I had the privilege of helping a good friend with… It Gets Better London. In late 2010, the world was shocked to hear tragic cases
My travel and exploration blog “where is Andrew now?” is back – with a fresh new look. I am currently writing about my two-week journey across Canada on board VIA Rail’s The Canadian – their flagship transcontinental rail journey. My travels included a visit to Winnipeg, two days in Jasper and five days in Vancouver and Whistler! Check it out, and subscribe to my travel blog… I’ll be keeping it going with travels near and
Lots of charities are getting into social media these days – which is totally awesome. Philanthropy is meant to stem from a personal connection that leads one to feel compelled to help: so cultivating that connection through social online connections just makes sense. Some foundations do a great job with their online messages; others kind of suck at it. Here are a few that I’ve read over the last year from two healthcare foundation twitter

Starting a new community experience

Posted on October 15, 2010

I’m very happy to say that I am embarking on a new community involvement experience: the University of Guelph Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. I’m touched to have been nominated, honoured to have been accepted last night and excited to serve and learn – this is my first board experience. It’s a pretty darn exciting time to get involved with this as well: Guelph is starting an ambitious and super-cool development project: The BetterPlanet Project.
On Saturday, Sept 11, 2010 I presented a seminar at PhotoCamp London: “Photo Composition on the road: how to set up travel photos.” I’m not a trained photographer, but I’ve been lucky to have gained a fair bit of practice during my travels around the world. I thought about some of the things that work well for me and chose some of my favourite photos as examples. The main point: when you’re out on a

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