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In one of the sweetest surprises, I made it two years in a row being awarded an IABC London Virtuoso Award. Virtuoso is an annual competition for professional communicators, where projects are judged by a jury of seasoned experts. (the only bigger surprise was finding out that I was hired in 2008 to travel the world on a cruise ship). I submitted the retrospective strategy behind my “where is Andrew now?” travel/photo blog that I
I’m on the move again to a new full-time job. In July I’ll start as the brand-new Web Producer for St. Joseph’s Health Care, London. It’s been a far shorter gig at United Way than I anticipated, and my time there has been a tremendous career boost in my confidence and skills, so it was a hard hard decision to leave. But this opportunity at St. Joseph’s is something I’m very excited about. **But Andrew,
I wrote an article for the International Association of Business Communicators explaining how, exactly, the social marketing campaign that Tourism Queensland embarked on worked… and why it (and social marketing in general) is so effective. I also reflected on what it was like to stage my own mini social marketing campaign to promote my own application, allthewhile becoming a small part of the whole in this major campaign success. Read: part one part two Moral
Ben from the United Kingdom has been chosen as the caretaker of the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Ben from the UK is awarded The Best Job in the World Read my blog entry about the results of the most exciting job application in the world, and the most impressive social media campaign in history. ******* Thanks for all of your support along the way as I went through my application for this dream
For the most part, has been all about the freelance work I’ve done, some career updates, news about life plans and adventures such as traveling the world… and lately about my forray into video job applications and social media self-promotion. Make yourself unforgettable - like a sticky note! Well, this post here is about going back to the basic meaning of my personal brand, Impression One. When developing this brand concept, I thought about
(view my video application) It’s the greatest social media/internet marketing campaign yet, and probably one of the most successful. At least one of the most fun. You may have heard of the “Best Job in the World” – a worldwide contest where people submitted 60-second video applications to vie for literally the best job imaginable. One lucky person will get a six-month $150,000CDN contract to be Island Caretaker of the Great Barrier Reefs in Australia.

… the next chapter: new full-time job

Posted on October 6, 2008

I’ve dated this entry October 6: the day I started my new full-time job. Essentially, the day that I turned the page on the next chapter of my journey. The last few months were an enjoyable – and necessary – transition to figuring out what the next chapter of life would look like. I had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, reflect on what I’d learned during my travel adventure and decide where

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