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… the next chapter: new full-time job

Posted on October 6, 2008

I’ve dated this entry October 6: the day I started my new full-time job. Essentially, the day that I turned the page on the next chapter of my journey. The last few months were an enjoyable – and necessary – transition to figuring out what the next chapter of life would look like. I had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, reflect on what I’d learned during my travel adventure and decide where

I’ve returned…

Posted on July 25, 2008

Well, the time came at long last: I’ve completed the circular journey around the world. I returned to Canada on June 14th. After four months aboard Crystal Serenity as Assistant Editor of Guest Publications for the 2008 World Cruise, plus an extra month backpacking Europe… I have now been to a total of 36 countries in my life – if you count the Vatican City (and before this trip I had only been to 5!)
“And there was much rejoicing.” [twirls finger in the air]: yaay. It’s truly nice to come back from traveling around the world and learn you’ve received an award. Late last year, I had the opportunity of working with London grassroots charity “Bethanys Hope Foundation” on the redevelopment and publication of their Annual Newsletter. You can view the newsletter here, and you can read more about this meaningful charity and the work I did for them

where is Andrew now?

Posted on December 20, 2007

The time’s come at last – on January 3rd I’ll be setting sail on the adventure of my dreams: my working trip around the world. I fly to Miami, where I’ll board the Crystal Serenity as the on board Assistant Editor of Guest Publications for Crystal Cruises’ 2008 World Cruise. I’ll be working on board until May, and then taking until June to backpack Europe (including my first visit to the country of my ancestry,

Latest freelance work

Posted on December 16, 2007

Since completing my full-time contract at Lawson in September, I have been grateful to work on three major freelance contracts that have kept me “in practice” as I await my cruise-job adventure which will set sail in January. Bethanys Hope Foundation is a London-based charity that directly funds its own research laboratory working to cure Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). Londoners may be familiar with the Foundation’s signature fundraising event: The Hawk Rocks the Park. The charity

So others can see…

Posted on November 23, 2007

While I was working at my most recent full-time contract (which wrapped up in September) at London’s Lawson Health Research Institute, I was often asked: “What public relations does a science lab at a hospital need?” I believe my most recent portfolio addition is a nice example of what goes on at a hospital research institute, and why one would want to publicize what goes on there. During my contract, I had the opportunity to
The right first impression can certainly lead to a lasting, strong partnership. This has been the case since 2004 (before Impression One was launched) when I embarked on my first contract design project for the Roman Catholic Diocese of London to create a Seminarian class portrait/vocations poster that would be displayed in every church and school throughout the Diocese. I’m proud of the fact that Impression One and the Diocese have partnered on this project

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