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Washington, D.C. 2009

Posted on October 27, 2009
Through my new job as Web Producer at St. Joseph’s Health Care, London I had the awesome opportunity to attend a conference about social media in healthcare. Best part? The conference was in Washington, D.C. Had time for some exploring of the U.S. capital. View the Flickr photo set

You are your own business card

Posted on October 1, 2009
I read a fantastic article on one of my favourite blogs – Primer – called “5 Things I Wish I Knew After College.“ ‘Thing’ number five really caught my eye because it relates so much to the art of first impressions; and how to make a lasting impression: You are your own business card. I was fortunate to be taught just before I left university about how crucial networking is… not just for the job
  If you’re not using social media in your communications, you absolutely should be. That’s half of what I learned last week. Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend CaseCamp, a conference and gathering in Toronto about and for experts in social media. I’m not an expert in social media. But I am becoming much more knowledgeable about e-communication in my job as a web producer, and I certainly see the value of social
And at the very least, don’t have two spokespeople who contradict each other in the public forum (unless it’s an editorial opinion-type individual expression sort of thing). I quote here from regarding investigation into a Via Rail train accident, where a language complaint has been issued that the rail staff did not provide emergency instruction in French: On Monday, Via Rail spokeswoman Claude Arsenault had said the rail company, which is owned by the
In one of the sweetest surprises, I made it two years in a row being awarded an IABC London Virtuoso Award. Virtuoso is an annual competition for professional communicators, where projects are judged by a jury of seasoned experts. (the only bigger surprise was finding out that I was hired in 2008 to travel the world on a cruise ship). I submitted the retrospective strategy behind my “where is Andrew now?” travel/photo blog that I
I’m on the move again to a new full-time job. In July I’ll start as the brand-new Web Producer for St. Joseph’s Health Care, London. It’s been a far shorter gig at United Way than I anticipated, and my time there has been a tremendous career boost in my confidence and skills, so it was a hard hard decision to leave. But this opportunity at St. Joseph’s is something I’m very excited about. **But Andrew,
For the most part, has been all about the freelance work I’ve done, some career updates, news about life plans and adventures such as traveling the world… and lately about my forray into video job applications and social media self-promotion. Make yourself unforgettable - like a sticky note! Well, this post here is about going back to the basic meaning of my personal brand, Impression One. When developing this brand concept, I thought about

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