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Lengthy/deep post alert – read/save for when you’re ready to dive in. *****PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE I’M ABOUT TO SHARE when you have some free time, you won’t regret reading it if you know me well and are committed to supporting and understanding the journey that LGBTQ2+ people like me, and those who love and support them (like you), have gone/are going through every day. **** This article is a real story about the everlasting

Face Mask Pride!

Posted on August 10, 2020
Super duper in love with my new face mask that supports PFLAG London! (never heard of PFLAG? Check them out!)
Yesterday, the world widely shared a beautiful picture of some Polish members of parliament wearing pride flag colours in support of LGBT2Q+ people in defiance of the homophobic president. That post highlighted the wonderful people that exist with good minds and hearts within a country with many people rapidly going over a cliff to hateful, nationalistic, immigrant-hating, homophobic insanity. I wanted to highlight though what this picture didn’t highlight – the picture celebrated those good
Fire, water, sky, familia

A treat to the ears

Posted on August 1, 2020
Christian Island has its own radio station and it’s as if I had curated it myself with my ridiculousness in genre shifting… the last three songs were “Maria from west side story” “stop in the name of love by Diana Ross” and now we’re on to “black hole sun by soundgarden”. Followed by “Superstar by Love Inc.” and now culminating with their flagship song: of course a tribute to their namesake “Christian Island by Gordon

I’d drive forever for these views

Posted on July 31, 2020
I hadn’t been farther than 40km from home since Feb! With my negative COVID test it was finally time to go a little farther… I’d have driven 10000x farther just for these views!

Those were QUICK results!

Posted on July 30, 2020

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