Any Dream Will Do – a different opening night
March 27th, 2020

Tonight would have been JOSEPH’s original opening night.

I want to share a beautiful sentiment that our inspiring Director, Andrew Dodd, shared with our team just now:
“I know that whatever I’m doing at 7:30 tonight, I’ll pause and imagine you [our cast] performing “Any Dream Will Do,” and I might even sing along. Luckily, as I go through the show and get to “Go, Go, Go Joseph,” I’ll be reminded that it’s not time to give up yet.”

“There are many lyrics from Joseph that one could reference at a time like this, and I find it both comforting and fitting that a show so much about perseverance and hope should stumble before finding its way. But find our way we will, because despite doors being closed to us and those we love being kept from us, we are not alone.”


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