Communication’s time to change the world is over-due. But it’s not too late!
February 19th, 2021

These are tears of utter emotional proud joy! A very good flood of overwhelmingly proud emotions is a great way to hit 6pm on a Friday! I couldn’t possibly care more about what I got to communicate today, and I couldn’t possibly be more proud that we (not just me, not just my organization… we in a very broad sense in London today) sent this message today!


On the heals of the utter joyful inspiring energy high of IABC‘s global week-long Leadership Institute that concluded last night, here is communication in action in the finest way possible!

We have an immediate situation here today in London, Ontario… that is bigger than any of us, bigger than our city, bigger than this moment in time, bigger than any of the places we work for, bigger than our industry, bigger than our country, bigger than we as individuals can solve.

BUT TODAY we did something very powerful. It was a team effort. It was pure leadership in action.And it showed the power of communication – we’ve always had this power. Combined with our leaders in our city and our businesses, and powered by us communication strategists to support positive change…


***it MUST***

We MUST change this world. It’s busted. The current will kill us, perhaps literally, if we don’t fix this! We must create a better tomorrow, right now.


We can’t change the entire world, not ourselves, and not forever.

That’s why we must use every power we ourselves have – together – to do something, every day, every moment. We must never ever from now on settle for “less bad” – it’s time to change the world, or at least start to hit “better than.”


This was the proudest message I ever got to share at CRI (The Centre for Research & Innovation at Fanshawe College):

Please read this urgent message co-signed by Fanshawe College President Peter J Devlin and the leaders of #ldnont’s post-secondary institutions.

We are steadfast at CRI in joining Fanshawe and the whole research community in condemning racism at all times – both in our immediate work, our immediate community, and in our world and in the way our research activities can inspire positive and innovative leadership.

We will not stop. Diversity, equity and inclusion in research and society are the ways to a bright tomorrow.

Our work has just begun!

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Organizations, leadership, messages, individuals – we are the way forward. Each of us. Tomorrow will get better. This is how you start, in your own little way!

Our leaders said “racism has no place in this city, province, country.”

Can I add “in our future!”


Start now to change the future. You can!

START HERE learn about today’s problem and sign the petition in London:

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