Contract with Lawson complete, new adventure in January
September 1st, 2007

After 14 months, I’ve completed my first full-time post-graduation work contract with Lawson Health Research Institute in London. I can truthfully say that it was the career-starter of one’s dreams. I learned so very much from my co-workers and tremendous boss’ mentorship. But alas, it’s come to its natural conclusion, and I completed my contract on Friday.

And I’m excited that my next adventure will begin in January 2008 when I take my writing and design experience to sea, setting sail as Assistant Editor of Guest Publications for Crystal Cruises’ four-month 2008 World Cruise. Here’s the itinerary of where the cruise will go.

Throughout my time at Lawson, some good friends and mentors wisely advised me that while launching career is good and important, so too is living the dream while you’re young and able…and this is what spurned me to really seek out the adventure and apply for a cruise ship gig. I’m overjoyed that it’s actually possible to blend adventure and further career experience.

It’s also nice to have a few months of downtime between finishing my Lawson contract and starting on the ship in the new year. I look forward to some relaxation, visiting friends, and a number of freelance projects through Impression One.

Thanks to everyone who’s encouraged me to seek out adventure, I can’t believe the dream’s come true.

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  • SB

    I hope you get some hiking in over the fall months….you will be walking on water in the new year! 🙂

  • Anna

    Congratulations again 🙂 Please keep us all informed as your adventure progresses – photo blog maybe?

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