Don’t let fear hold you back from a COVID-19 test!
July 29th, 2020

Bravo Middlesex-London Health Unit on the ridiculously efficient setup of Carling #COVID19 test centre – probably the best healthcare experience I’ve ever had. I’m not worried I have Covid; but wanted to confirm negative before seeing some family members this weekend.

Bravo to the whole health team!

Curious what it’s like if you’ve never been to an assessment centre?

I went at the best possible time [check the @MLHealthUnit Twitter to find out wait times so you know when to best go]. After the in-your-car drive-thru question/assessment/screening I parked my car and waited for a text message telling me to come inside. That text came in 2 minutes! WOW! In I went.

A bit of waiting in the gymnasium for more screening, then more waiting on the other side of the gymnasium to be called in for the test.

On a scale of 1-10 it hurt maybe 1.5 for me. I know some people find it more painful; maybe I was lucky. My message: don’t let fear of pain hold you back, it’s momentary and doesn’t hurt much in general. To me it felt like a little tube went in my nose and that I got a bit of water up my sinus. That sensation lasted maybe 5 seconds. Now, the lingering feeling is that my nose feels like some water was squirted in it. Overall the fear was way higher than the reality – I was shocked how fast it was.

40 minutes later from leaving my house I’m home including traffic!

Oh, results will be within a day or two… in London they’re currently very quick on results, which is even more awesome.

Bravo Health Unit! That was utterly impressive.

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