Dr. Seuss?
March 3rd, 2021

These images are stolen from a wonderful and tremendously inspiring friend’s Facebook story feed tonight.

(One thing that has deeply helped me check a lot of blind spots since BLM first entered my consciousness a few years ago when they stopped the Toronto Pride parade and I was like hmmm what is happening and is this a good thing and are “they” going too far?… the thing I started really noticing this last year+ is who are the driving forces of BLM and who are the critics? Yeah, right…?!

Like for Musical Theatre Productions London this year I was entrusted by several Black singers with the honour of editing together some videos to accompany their stunning vocals. Their creative direction desired BLM imagery and inspiring social commentary. I was immensely humbled to be asked to support their vision, and it helped open my eyes further that even as a white man I can help amplify great efforts. I also have no right to say “too much” or to try to be louder than the community’s own voice!

If oppressed humans themselves are supporting a movement for change, if they’re inspiring and creating it and driving it forward, who the hell am I to say this is not a good thing?! More change please! Let me get out of the way!)

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