Ending Hate Once And For All: Happy Pride!
June 28th, 2020

I have a not-so-secret secret: for those who’ve known me for a long time, particularly since my university days, coming out was a very long process for me… I only told the first friends that I was coming out in late 2009. Eleven years have transformed my life completely – it feels like a century ago, and like yesterday, all at the same time.

My not-so-secret secret for those who knew me back before I came out was that I didn’t only have repressed, deeply closeted discomfort with my identity and who I was naturally in every sense of my being… but I externalized this too with religiously and culturally learned homophobic intolerance. Yes, I was homophobic and a person I am entirely not proud of. I hurt other people through my intolerance. I am forever sorry for that era of my life. I will never, ever, go back to hate.

The very not-secret-secret to all of this is that LIFE IS 100000000%+++++ better without hate. When you are your full self, you experience and share joy inside and out that is utterly transformative. I transformed completely. And I am so very happy to be authentically me… and to have the support from the people in my life that I unfortunately didn’t show them for so long!

Friends, we are born to sparkle. We are born to love. We are NOT born to hate one another.We must squash hate, stand up for love, and defend each other’s very right to be who we are authentically.

That includes our unreserved support of our BIPOC friends and our LGBTQ+ friends.

When we remove hate from our lives, life sparkles a lot brighter!

Happy Pride

Love always, proudly and unabashedly

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