Feb. 14 – full heart of gratitude
February 14th, 2020

Feb 14, 2020… Thumbs right up:

A little bit under the weather, a little more alone than I’d prefer on a Valentine’s Day… but my heart’s full of gratitude for this life, this community, this presence today…

Filled with thanks for my family, my friends, and my passions that make me full of joy…

And this evening with a lot more stability than I’ve had in a long time: I’m overjoyed that the uncertain path I embarked on in November to start on a short contract with Fanshawe led to a mutually great fit! Today I signed on to stay in the retitled role “Industry Outreach & Communication Coordinator” for the Centre for Research & Innovation! I’m delighted that saying yes to something that just felt right led to something even more stable in my life. (It’s little too serendipitous that the HR specialist who gave me the paperwork had a cute IKEA heart lamp on her desk).

Grateful for sure. And sending many warm hearts of thanks to everyone!

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