Further thoughts on pride: deepest respect to the COURAGEOUS
June 29th, 2020

Yesterday I posted a reflection on my own coming out journey in relation to pride, and a deep apology for past homophobic mentality that was a part of my life.

Today I have a further reflection: one of deepest appreciation. That appreciation is for the courageous – for the very act of PRIDE requires incredible COURAGE.

I don’t for a second downplay the inner courage that I myself took in coming out to myself and to my world. However, I came out in 2009 at a time that the groundswell of the world around me was overwhelmingly supportive of me.

I think back to the university and high school days when I had a handful of peers who were proudly out or starting their journey. I think of how incredibly courageous those people were to be themselves proudly against a culture, against religion, against society (and peers like me) who were not supportive of their authentic selves. To stand proud, stand authentic, and counter the mainstream took remarkable courage – and for that I am truly in utmost respect and awe. I think back to my friends who came out in years past. I think of the trans people, of the black LGBTQ+ people, I think of everyone who’s been at the forefront of advancing the Pride movement. And I have the hugest thanks and respect.

The act of being yourself, of standing up for your rights, of countering wrongs in society and life and the world around you… that takes incredible COURAGE.

Right now, and I hope forever until equality and justice is finally won for eternity, we are gaining a groundswell of support against racism and a recognition of the terrible, brutal oppression against BIPOC. Everyone leading and supporting this pivotal cry for what is right – they’re beyond courageous.

Doing what is right, standing strong in the face of resistance, and just knowing, knowing that what you are moving forward with is good when the mainstream is telling you different – that comes from the deepest place in one’s heart. When you listen to it and respect it and support it, that beating grows stronger and can’t be stopped.

Courage comes from the heart.

With respect and thanks,

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