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June 24th, 2011

Some Friday thoughts on effective public relations and publicity – as I watched a decent webinar about the evolution of PR in the era of social media.

There’s a lot of content out there competing for our audience’s attention, more than there ever has been. How do you manage to get noticed in the increasingly crowded world of content?

Today it’s not just about sending out content to media and hoping they’ll put it in the newspaper. Now it’s all about generating a decent amount of fresh content that your audience will find enjoyable.

I loved this quote:

“As zombies are to fresh brains, search engines are to fresh content”

Your users will find your good content if they’re looking for it and it relates to them… and if you keep it fresh.

How do you ensure your content is fresh?

Learn what your audience wants and develop content that speaks to them.
Use keywords that relate to the types of things your audience is looking for.

And use this tool to evaluate whether your press release has decent keywords that will work with search engines:

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