I’m being aggressive with this post – but I really want you to think… hard. You need to
March 15th, 2021

Content warning: The following post is about “the Roman Catholic Church” as a business industrial belief-for-profit loyalty system… not an attack on belief. I’m deviating pretty darn far from impression1 as a communications agency. But, is it not a higher purpose in communication to communicate helping the world in a tiny little way? That’s what I’m here for too (maybe more than anything else). I know I’d never use my communication power for evil – is it better, then, to use it for good? I think so…

I’m well beyond attacking the church/business any more. I can’t change anything there. What I can do is go directly to you – and I’m going to. If you read my blog, you’re my audience – the “church/business” is not my audience. I can do nothing more than remove some oxygen from their engine of destruction by asking you to do an examination of your conscience.

Things are falling right off the cliff they’d already falling down many times, and they’re not even bothering to grab the rope any more. Things are really bad again/still… today! Today they put a nail in the coffin of progress.

Let me start with a meme…

Sometimes memes are so funny that they tell a hard truth we know in a way that makes us realize the truth. In discomfort, sometimes we can find humour that exposes a truth.

And you’ll say, but that’s not the new pope… the old one was worse…

Today in “the new pope”

Not worse does NOT equal “good”

Attacking the “church/business” through my blog achieves nothing. Imploring you to do a serious examination of conscience will achieve a lot, though. I’m not asking you to stop your faith. I’m asking you to consider seriously what you’re doing with your life’s actions, though from this point forward – what do you support and what do you stop supporting in each action you can take at every moment?

Tragically, I know that Pope Benedict’s headline today increases support from their key audience demographic (which isn’t you by the way… at least I hope it’s not you!). Pulled apart another way, this headline just makes the “church/business” value and related industries soar to all time highs.

Still with me? Let’s focus on what you can do.

Critically analyze… if you look at it deeply, isn’t a big part of this an industrial complex making a whole lot of gain from belief-based loyalty?

Stop saying you’re a follower unless you actually believe in making people’s lives awful (which too-often leads to deadly effects). If you actually truthfully are as follower and are truly aligned with this core value of their business, I’d love if you unfriended me.

On the other hand, if as a sane human you don’t believe this evil core value, then I presume you’re a good person truly inside. And if you are, what businesses do you support? Are you supportive of industries that make profit ruining lives? Are you pro-environment and anti climate destruction for example? Follow your conscious further and ask if blind shareholder investments are really what you like to do. Are you cool with an industry soaring by ruining lives?

Because you have every right to stop supporting without stopping belief. Culture, legacy, family, country, tradition, comfort, habit, faith, etc (whatever your personal reason for still believing or even going to church… or even just supporting through some moment-by-moment action or decision or thought or word or message)… those personal reason’s are your reason and not my business to dive into. Those reason’s don’t need to be your excuses to regretfully support an evil business core value that is pulling lives apart!

We all know, their business is just going to do even better by doubling down on its business mission… as their leader did today.

Until we take the support of the business away. You can do better all by yourself. Or, you can start by doing things that are less worse.

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