“Lockdown 2: The Lockening”
January 12th, 2021

Some people be like: this sucks, why don’t we have an Ontario curfew like Quebec? Police need to crack down! Save lives!

Consider this: really good perspective from CBC News citing that Ontario’s approach with the lockdown is much more appropriate than Quebec’s curfew. What’s been under-reported is how Quebec and other countries (France, who took the same approach) haven’t really had any success statistics through curfews in reducing COVID numbers…

but the one thing that has absolutely happened through curfews is that homeless and BIPOC minorities have been getting arrested or fined more.

Cuz you know, it’s okay to walk your dog during curfew, but you’ll get a $6000+ fine or arrested if you’re outside for any other reason, and not having a home isn’t an exemption

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