No matter how long it takes – this is a 100% guarantee
March 16th, 2021

It might take a while…

a few years – a decade – a lifetime – a few generations – a revolution – countless protests – bloodshed – centuries – the relocation of humanity to Mars – the end of life on Mars – the end of humanity…

It might take forever and ever and ever…

But hate will never win. EVER.

So don’t you dare give up, okay?

Never give in to hate, and no matter how dark and lonely and cold as that little flicker of love is inside your heart – I promise you it’s not the only little flicker of light amongst humans. Keep that tiny little flame of love burning as strong as the wind is blowing to extinguish it.

It WILL be worth every single effort you make to hold on to love. You might not even live to see the end of your fight.

But because of you alone – and because of us together

LOVE WILL WIN! 1000000000% guaranteed.

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