March 11 – What a year
March 11th, 2021

What a hell of a year these last 365 have been. We’re not out of the woods yet, but looking backwards, despite my own little trivial complaints (and apologies to my parents that I’m still within their house for a little while while the path to independent living again gets ever closer to coming true!) that life isn’t quite where I want it to be right now… my goodness, zooming out across humanity I absolutely know how incredibly fortunate I am to be where I am today!

I can’t help but feel a little bit of magic has been on my side – and maybe we’ve all had a little bit of magic in our life that we ought to say special thanks for today! For me, to have gracefully dodged working within the healthcare sector just before the pandemic began is remarkable – I’m certain I would have been deeply inspired communicating the stories of heroes within London’s hospitals; I also know the harrowing messages would have been very mentally taxing! I’m beyond fortunate to have landed in a job I love at Fanshawe Research, working safely from home to support behind-the-scenes heroes who are also working tirelessly to lend a hand to fight this damn virus and its effects – from real scientific responses, to work to support research at businesses paving the way forward to the pandemic recovery. Life isn’t perfect (when is it ever? Even when you’re happy, there’s work yet to do to keep life propelling forward!)… and it’s awfully hard right now. We’re all experiencing various forms of trauma.

And yet, how incredibly grateful I am to be here today – not just alive, but well and doing what I can to help the world a tiny little bit. Today’s a day to reflect back not just in mourning; but also with gratitude, hope and inspiration to help the way forward to a brighter tomorrow!

Stay safe, stay well – and take good care of yourself and each other physically and mentally.


It’s been a difficult year.#COVID19 was declared a pandemic one year ago on March 11, 2020.

CRI expresses condolences to all who have lost family, friends and colleagues to COVID-19. And beyond that, so many have been sick, cared for others and been deeply affected by the virus. Every single person in the world has been touched by the pandemic, and all of us are human beings with important lives. This has been a very challenging time for humanity.

We will not give up hope for tomorrow.

Even right here at CRI, we are doing our part to fight to end the pandemic – from training apparel workers on safe manufacturing to produce high-quality face masks made in London to advanced scientific research that is contributing to treatment options for patients.

Better days are coming! Keep following public health measures while also looking toward the road ahead. And take care of yourselves and each other as we get there.

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