Motivation as a calming force
March 13th, 2020

Sharing a little personal reflection right now.
It’s 4:30pm, and I am declaring myself spent. I barely slept last night – more with adrenaline than fear. Maybe you experienced that same feeling, and it continued into today. Definitely a fight versus flight mode – I’m pleased that it served me rather well today as I felt energized and focused as I supported my teammates and the incredible team at Fanshawe’s Centre for Research & Innovation and the college’s communications team with their unfolding crisis comms response. This is the sort of thing we communicators band together and get through together, and it’s definitely adrenaline-firing.
But now I am spent. Event cancellations and contingency plans are deflating.
So, more than anything, I declare a period of necessary self-care.
And reflection.
And rest.
And a bit of motivation. Here, in its entirety, are 53 photographs and inspiring quotes. It’s a project I created in 2018 when I thought we all needed a boost of motivation since the year had an extra Monday. Maybe I was really just caching up the inspiration for a time like this… on a Friday the 13th. Seems about right.

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