Myanmar… please don’t get numb to caring about the world. There’s great people still in it and that makes the world worth it
March 27th, 2021

I highly doubt you haven’t heard any news about Myanmar this year…

A military coup has taken over the whole country. The army is in control and it’s killing lots of protesters.

AGAIN. This is a rinse and repeat cycle back and forth forever. THAT POOR COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE!

That time Andrew Kaszowski was in Myanmar

Do you ever have that weird experience when you come back from a travel to a place you’d never been to before and soon after see that place in a movie, tv show, or the news? It’s surreal to see something happen in a place you can put your brain back into but you’re removed from its present. Your memory is just it’s past.

I’ve been to 38 countries around the world so far. The interesting “been there before” sensation got numb over time because I’ve been so many places.

That should be a warning! Our world has so much trauma going on that we’re going numb!!! The army is in control in Myanmar and killing citizens. Don’t be numb!


you might be curious that I actually travelled through there in 2008.

Back then it was still a military controlled country, the democracy movement hadn’t defeated the army yet in 2008. Almost less than one month after I was there, a cyclone went through and ruined every place I’d walked through. Then there was a big democracy protest starting and lots of people started dying. A month after I was at the world’s biggest Buddhist site, the monks I saw there started lighting themselves on fire in protest. I wasn’t numb to that! “I WAS JUST THERE”

  • If you’re more curious about my time there in 2008 and my reflections (you know I tell stories richly) of being in the country that was absolutely on Canada’s “you shouldn’t be there” warning list… a time in that country’s history when the army had taken over so fully that the had closed every road and had facilitated “security” sort of because I was working with a company bringing the world’s wealthiest people to see terror so they kept citizens away and kept our group “safe”… of course I have a blog about it. (Bear in mind there might be some cultural/privileged traveller tone in the writing from way back in 2008 that I didn’t mean. But it was a long time ago for me and my eyes were only just starting to open wider about the world. Though I wrote with imperfect eyes, traveling so much really helped open my eyes and I’ve tried not to close them ever since)


    PHOTO ALBUM (of course there’s a photo album too from 2008)

    Please always care about our world. It’s a mess. We can do a little thing always to try to help.
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