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November 23rd, 2007

While I was working at my most recent full-time contract (which wrapped up in September) at London’s Lawson Health Research Institute, I was often asked: “What public relations does a science lab at a hospital need?”

I believe my most recent portfolio addition is a nice example of what goes on at a hospital research institute, and why one would want to publicize what goes on there. During my contract, I had the opportunity to write a feature for the donor magazine of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, and the story was published this month. The story was to cover the research done at Lawson towards curing age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in Canada. I was honoured to interview two of the researchers leading the battle to stop this negative aging process, and learn about their fascinating work. I also learned about the way that their work was directly funded by the family of a late woman who had suffered macular degeneration herself.

Writing such an article hit home why I was doing the work I was, and the privilege of it. Here I was learning about a hugely problematic health issue, and the remarkable effort to solve it. I was given the ability to inform the public – about macular degeneration so that they might be aware, and about the research so that they might share in the hope. And hey, it being a donor magazine, perhaps the realization that truly world-class science towards takes place in their hometown would inspire Londoners to help fund it!

Writing such an article was, for me, a true example of how public relations lets others see what goes on inside the organization I am contributing to.

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