Stay vigilant against hate – it’s all around us
August 9th, 2020

Yesterday, the world widely shared a beautiful picture of some Polish members of parliament wearing pride flag colours in support of LGBT2Q+ people in defiance of the homophobic president.

That post highlighted the wonderful people that exist with good minds and hearts within a country with many people rapidly going over a cliff to hateful, nationalistic, immigrant-hating, homophobic insanity.

I wanted to highlight though what this picture didn’t highlight – the picture celebrated those good people… today I want to highlight just how insane things have gotten to not only within Poland itself, but within Polish culture around the world.

This article here is about a Canadian Polish-language newspaper. Not some fringe fanatical newspaper; but one that many Canadian Polish people buy and read.

This is an indication of how out-there insane and hateful a large culture of people has become – a culture that, we must remember, was hugely persecuted throughout almost its entire history.

And I can’t just point my finger at Polish people (though it’s easy for me to look at this culture, being of Polish decent myself)… this fanaticism is expanding among so many nations and cultures: heck, just look at the States. But it’s strengthening throughout Canada too. It’s everywhere.

This is a stark reminder of what happens in our world when hate permeates, how easily culture can go to the other side when it’s wounded for so long, and more importantly a reminder of how hard we must work to FIGHT AGAINST HATE AT EVERY TURN.

Don’t give up the good fight, my friends… stay vigilant, and speak up against the hate that’s creeping up around us!

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