Study: sensitivity and empathy (and basic fact) training prior to attempting to “make sense” helps business leaders “make sense”
March 6th, 2021

Mhm yes okay, thanks for making sense Mr. Cardinal (global leader in making sense)

actual real tone-deaf quote:

“I do not believe that our elected officials and medical officers of health consciously intend to suppress religious freedom; I realize that they are in an extremely difficult position. We do, however, ask to be treated equitably,”

Much applause to you, as a leader of a organization that has inequality as its primary purpose, for crying about being treated equitably. Tremendous empathy you, your diocese and the entire organization and many awfully closed-minded followers have earned, yes!

Also, thanks for lumping in mentioning liquor consumption (very addiction sensitive, bravo) or even just shopping as an equivalent. Maybe there are some equivalencies… but it doesn’t help make the point and suggests your business is somehow better than other businesses?

We fully support your insistence that your huge and government-backed oppressive business is being treated unequal. Yep!

~Sincerely with love,
Real people like me that you oppress as the purpose of your operation

I missed something obvious… and the fact that “critical and hurt me” missed this point is astonishing – the fact is that almost every single follower of this church is missing this point too, and this cardinal has done such a strong job of pulling the wool over everyone…

Halfway through my post, I deliberately switched to calling his church a business. I don’t think enough of anyone reading his statement are calling his bullshit in the statement, he and his whole organization worldwide have done such an effective job for ever in misdirecting the business lens of their operation as “suppressing religious freedom”

This statement he makes is NOTHING more than a FINANCIAL plea from a business owner to the government to ease up restrictions (or in this case grant his business special exemption status that other businesses don’t get) so that his business can have more profit flow from its in-person customers.

The fact that he’s misdirected the whole point by judging other legal businesses and suggesting there’s some inequality at play behind this that is causing an unfair disadvantage with the name of “religious freedom” is just plain false argument and brainwashing.

What a very ethical and classy business spokesperson!

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