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The best article on writing and how to succeed in the economy I’ve read in a long time
November 21st, 2019

Last night I read a brilliant article about how to improve your writing.

BUT – before I dive into the secrets to better writing, let me share two sentences from the article that were mind-blowing to me:

  • We almost only communicate in written form these days!


  • Writing is the most important skill in today’s attention economy.

Let those last two words sink in: attention economy. THAT summed up a deep realization of the world we’re living in and how to navigate it effectively. It is those who can captivate with attention-getting currency who will thrive, and writing is still the way we get that attention because we’re talking less and meeting up less in person.

BUT THAT ATTENTION MUST BE DESERVED AND EARNED: it’s not too difficult to get attention – to keep that attention and captivate is the gold!

I am thankful that I have had this revelation on day four of a new job where my purpose is outreach – to earn attention for the work done at Fanshawe College. I am especially glad that I have positioned my career and life squarely in the attention economy, and am equipped to foster worthy attention.


Most of us are not writing for a living. But we still write a LOT. So how do you do it more effectively?

The gold of the article is: make your writing visually appealing.Even more than writing beautifully eloquent prose, making your writing look good is vital. People scan writing and are bombarded with endless floods of messages. If yours stands out by looking good at the surface with great and entertaining punctuation/formatting, you will stand out!

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