The debut of “The Music Sommelier”
July 20th, 2020

I’ve been making seasonal playlists all since my teens and have amassed a ridiculous volume of my favourite music (nearly 5500 songs in my library), and my friend Mike last week urged me to start sharing it with my friends.

He said “You can call yourself a curator or sommelier of fine music!”

So, this morning I’m debuting a new regular feature of the andrewexplores blog – presenting “The Music Sommelier”

Here is my gift to you this morning:

*Midsummer 2020 – Andrew K’s Mix*

I filled the playlist with a lot of hot numbers, and I was going to sort them but I had them listed alphabetically and it surprisingly blended incredibly well. I take you through everything from the latest house and trance, singer-songwriter, to cool jazz, to loungy ambient, and even some contemporary opera. All over the place for sure, but it’s all fresh and will put you in a chill summer mood for nearly 10 hours of listening joy. Enjoy


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