The gift of pause
November 9th, 2019

Although I am increasing experiencing the effects of hereditary hearing loss, there are profound experiences that make me so glad for the gift of beautiful sounds… music like that produced by London Pro Musica Choir as I had the joy of hearing tonight.

All of my dear friends and everyone singing in this choir, sincerest bravo! I was blown away and immersed in a beautiful bliss!

Congratulations are very much due for the conductor, Markus Howard… who shared a powerful reflection that summed up the night for me and why it was so moving:

To paraphrase, it was about how we lead such busy lives, especially at this time of year. Those of us who sing (or do theatre, or any form of art!) really know and live the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other through the gift of our art!
Sharing that gift together, taking that pause, reflecting, meditating, turning our phone off to listen to the magic of a concert together…

Well that’s why I am glad for the gift of sound, music, art, community… and the gift of pause for joy in life.

Thank you all for tonight!

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