The wonder of “discovery” at work
January 16th, 2020

I am SUCH a fan of the research activities taking place at Fanshawe Centre for Research & Innovation that I’m starting to uncover – particularly the work that is making our world more sustainable and livable.

This is a great news story about reducing waste and increasing sustainability… did you know that the clothes we wear generate the second-highest amount of waste of any industry?

Fanshawe College’s innovative research is driving forward positive change to benefit our world:

Through research supported by the Centre for Research & Innovation and funded by SSHRC-CRSH’s College and Community Social Innovation Fund, Fashion Design professors are turning your unwanted clothes into bags, scrunchies and narwals! The initiative is also improving employment access for newcomers to Canada.

Read more about this innovation, called “Worth,” that’s transforming the way the fashion industry looks at waste:

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  • Matthew Grieves

    Great story. It does scare me how fast fashion is so popular. But what happens to all these clothes.

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