What an incredible Summer
September 3rd, 2019

From the deepest bottom of my heart:

THANK YOU – all of you – my friends family and supporters (and to those who might never see this, I hope by my writing this out that some of the good energy just goes out to everyone I care so much about)…

THANK YOU for the most incredible summer I’ve ever had.

Some wonderful things and great summers have been had in the past of my life, for sure; but this summer has been marked in stark contrast to some of the darkest moments of my life in recent memory… and that makes this summer’s joys so richly sweet and thoroughly enjoyed.

From Pride Men’s Chorus London community that brings me incredible joy (from our rehearsals, concerts where we witness the support of our London community, and the close friendships and family made), visiting my aunt and uncle’s paradise on Georgian Bay, camping at The Point with wonderful memories made, numerous trips to the beaches around London, visiting Detroit Pride, celebrating the beauty of Pride London Festival, visiting some of my lifelong friends throughout the summer, and many many messages and interactions throughout the last years

This summer I have felt loved. I have felt myself. I have felt full. I have had fun times and profound times.

To all of you who will read this and those that might miss this post – I love you. I appreciate you more than I can ever express. You have made my heart sing with joy that I sometimes never knew I’d be able to experience.

I am very grateful.

As we gradually approach the next season together, and many seasons after that – I will hold the spirit of summer sunshine you’ve given inside me every day. I look with joy towards the seasons ahead in life.

Love, sincerely,

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