Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County - v3 updated design June 2020
Yes, you can expand your business during a pandemic: my quarantine website design project is launched!
June 27th, 2020

A short while ago, I wrote this blog post about how this time of global challenge can be a chance for strategic growth – particularly when proactive strategy is applied to one’s business. Hence, I sought ways to intensify my efforts and efficiencies to make impression1 even more of a smooth-running business for the future and acted on them.

I am proud to present the latest fruits of my creative labour: version 3 of Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County’s website, a full design update for their website and improvement to the content and functionality of their website. I customized the design and structure of a new WordPress theme that suits the client’s needs.

Here’s the evolution of the website over the three years that I have worked with this client:

Original design before I came on board as the client’s designer:

Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County old website

My first redesign of the website, May 2018:

Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County new website design

My latest redesign, launched June 2020:

Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County - v3 updated design June 2020

What I am particularly proud of on this project is that it represents the first time that I’ve had the chance to iteratively improve upon my own previous work. It’s also reflective of the incredible value of building long-lasting relationships with partners: building trust with my client allowed me to grow and expand my business and design abilities along with their organizational growth.

When I saw that they had outgrown my previous website design, I took the bold step of proactively drawing-up a proposal to improve the website including rough designs of the site improvement. I pitched the project to them, and I’m so happy that based on our years of working together, they entrusted me with the next evolution of their site. It’s been a very enjoyable partnership working with LDAWC.

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