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March 4th, 2021

There’s a small village “leadership” disaster unfolding that’s being brilliantly highlighted by CBC.

(Trigger Warning: Holocaust)

This is a Facebook post, for context, about the federal government’s plan to improve gun legislation. Lorraine Michetti is a democratically-elected “mayor” by the way – but I think a more accurate title is “elected monster”

In 2021 (and before)… social media or otherwise… there is and has never ever been any difference (ever!) between who you are as a person and who you are as a professional (elected or otherwise, “leader” or otherwise). You are you, always! 1000000% of the time. I am me at work, and not at work. I am always always always Andrew. My employer has hired me because I am Andrew, and I know better that I am always always always an employee of my employer even when I’m not at work. You’re ALWAYS YOU! There’s never ever any difference.


From the article:

Posts personal, not official, mayor says

Reached for an interview Wednesday, Michetti insisted she had not intended to be racist and that the old posts were resurfacing because of a group of people in town who wanted her out of office.

She said she was seeking cultural sensitivity training, and wanted to make a distinction between posts she made from her personal Facebook account versus those of an official mayoral page.

“It was Lorraine Michetti, not the mayor” who made the posts, she said.



Mayors are elected, no? Like I don’t think anyone forces anyone to become mayor or any other type of Canadian politician??? Like, complaining you’re tired for something you chose to do and got elected to do??? um….

also from the article:

“Why do people think the mayor is high stature?” she asked. “They harass and nag me about fireworks. Then they harass and nag me that I’m supposed to get the Shaw internet going. … It’s tiring.”

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